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Paheli, Riddle I Call Life This series of miniature paintings highlights the insignificance of humanity and how power in the hands of the puppeteers […]

Above us only sky

Above Us Only Sky Lately, I have been struggling to find answers to self-created questions, questions that keep re-drawing themselves with every passing day […]


 Aura Comprising of miniature paintings, this series illustrates a visual story of colors merging into one another and the Aura around a human body […]


Animals Animals, they observe, absorb and react just like us humans. They are kings, guards or simply puppets. They command, kill or get killed […]

Modern Cult

Modern Cult Worshipping, be it an object , person or a desire, when floods the state of mind, exceeds from a need to becoming […]

The Fountain

Quickly facilitate tactical models via unique benefits. The Fountain Like any miniature artist, I am absorbed in every layer of the work and that […]

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