Animals, they observe, absorb and react just like us humans. They are kings, guards or simply puppets. They command, kill or get killed .I found the Animal Farm by George Orwell a minimal but on the contrary a very realistically sensitive depiction of ‘Our Kind’ of specie, simply through words. I have painted these instincts, traits and desires of humans just like Orwell did through a narrative, with symbols and ornaments.
You will feel in power when you get comfortable in a kings chair and taste the apple of your win…
You will be tempted to conceal in the dark to drink the red potion when the angel blows the trumpet …
And you will float as a herd of white clouds when they ring the golden bell…
In the initial phase of the triptych , Pigs-Dogs-Sheep, I was gradually inclined towards a very traditional style to paint my thoughts which I believe is very contrasting to look at but very layered and intricate in its subject, similar to the book’s content. Throughout my journey to produce this work I have taken inspiration from the animated film (1954) based on Animal Farm and it is so satisfying to say that I have only tried to pour little essence of Pink Floyd’s magical music from the album, Animals, into my work.





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