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Komal Shahid Khan based in Islamabad, Pakistan, graduated from the University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan in 2012 majoring in Fine Arts followed by her Master in Fine Arts from Fatima Jinnah Women University Rawalpindi, Pakistan with specialization in Miniature Painting. On completing the degree in 2014, she scored Distinction and was awarded Gold Medal.
Since graduation, Khan started her career with Group Shows in Islamabad/Rawalpindi and then moving on to Lahore and Karachi as well. She has taught at the National College of Arts Rawalpindi, Pakistan, as a Lecturer and is currently teaching Pearson and Cambridge Art and Design at Froebel’s International School.
Khan’s work has been showcased in Pakistan and internationally. October, 2016 marks her First Solo Exhibition entitled as “Imagined Immortals” in Karachi, Pakistan. She has been the fall 2016, Visiting Artist at Harvard University-South Asia Institute, Cambridge.MA. Her most recent drawing project entitled “Vision of Buddha’s Paradise” is part of the collection at Seoul Arts Centre, South Korea-2017 follwed by her second Solo Exhibition “Above Us Only Sky” in Karachi.

Khan runs her home based Art studio by the name of Studio.K

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